Mildred's Timeline

A  Lifetime of Memories

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1928- January 6, Mildred is born in Davidson, North Carolina

1936- Mildred begins school at Davidson Elementary

1940- Mildred starts her first jobs: babysitting and delivering food

1944- Mildred meets Louis, her future husband

1945- Mildred marries Louis Lowery; moves to Cherokee, NC

1947- February 3, Mildred gives birth to LaGretta
1948- May 12, Mildred
gives birth to Johnsie

1949- Mildred begins working at Henderson Eating House

1950- May 11, Mildred gives birth to Brenda

1951- November 26, Gives birth to Agnes

1953- Mildred begins working at Sigma Nu Fraternity House

1954- November 1, Mildred gives birth to Lewis

1955- May 11, Gives birth to Veronica

1958- Nov. 25, Mildred gives birth to Mary; Lowery House Fire

1959- Mildred heads the Davidson Parks and Recreation Board

1960- Mildred starts working at Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

1965- Mildred begins cooking at Kappa Alpha Fraternity House

1968- Mildred becomes President of Piedmont Development Club

1974- Mildred learns how to drive a car

1981- Daughter Agnes seriously injured in an auto accident

1993- Mildred retires from cooking

2001- Mildred's husband diagnosed with cancer


"I've had an excellent life!"- Annie Mildred Lowery




The text, video, audio, and website are the result of interviews conducted by Melissa Chiprich,
Davidson College Class of 2002, in the Fall of 2001.

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