Mildred's Family Tree

A  Lifetime of Memories









Samuel Mayhew  to  Annie Adam-Mayhew          Robert Torrence  to  Henrietta Gee Torrence
$            $ 

Johnny Mayhew               to         Minnie T. Torrence-Mayhew

Jessie    Johnsie  Daisy Lee    Floyd    Annie Mildred (1/6/28)     John Lee   Evelyn   James Edward
          Louis Lowery


LaGretta (2/3/47)  Johnsie (5/12/48)  Brenda (5/11/50)   Agnes (11/26/51)   Lewis (11/1/54)  Veronica (5/11/55)  Mary (11/25/58)
to                           to                                 to                                 to                               to                           to                             to
John Davis (D)     David Beatty           Gary McClain         Marcus Rivers Jr.        Elvira       Shelton Howard        Rodney Lee (D)
     JT Neel               Tollis Johnson                                                                                                                                            Robert Black   






*Unfortunately, this family tree is not an incomplete  illustration of Mildred's ancestors and predecessors.  Mildred does have over twenty grandchildren and great grandchildren; her family continues to grow!
** "D" denotes divorced. 




The text, video, audio, and website are the result of interviews conducted by Melissa Chiprich,
Davidson College Class of 2002, in the Fall of 2001.

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