The Family

Grandfather and Grandmother


  • Bill's Grandmother, Lillie Helper Vinson.
  • Bill's father was a doctor of Bronchoscopy, which involved treatment of the tracheal pathway.  Usually this involved inserting instruments into the trachea.  At the time the field was primarily limited to the Mayo clinic where Bill's father practiced.  Now this treatment is performed by pulmonary specialist and surgeons. 
  • Bill's mother's full name was Lenore Dunlap Vinson
  • Bill and his sisters, Mary Lenore "Pudge" and Portia Ann.


  • Recent picture of Mary and her husband Robert Bedinger.

  • Recent picture of Portia Anna Vinson












  • Bill, Mary, and there grandchildren.

  • Bill's daughter Gay.

  • Gay's daughter, Anna is already an accomplished cellist. At age 14, she is the youngest member of Ashville's Symphony Orchestra.

  • Anna, Brendan, and Nate.


The text, video, audio, and website are the result of interviews conducted byJeff Libersat,
Davidson College Class of 2002, in the Fall of 2001.

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