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Religious Life

Approximately 6-10 years ago,  Blanche Knox Parker wrote the following statement of faith:

I believe in God who is a mystery to me,

but I am not a mystery to him because he made me.

I believe in Jesus Christ who shows that

God loves me and forgives me when I am willing.

I believe in the Holy Spirit who is God with me,

guiding my life when I am willing.

Thanks be to God.


In November 1998, Blanche was asked to write another statement of faith when she was re-elected to be an Elder at the Davidson College Presbyterian Church.  Blanche's term as Elder will end this upcoming December:

     I was born a Presbyterian, baptized in Bethel Presbyterian Church where 4 preceding generations of Knox's worshipped.

   My family prepared for Sunday on Saturday.  Meals were cooked.  I polished all the shoes on Saturday night.  Sunday we rode in the A model Ford to church.  Papa driving with one hand and directing our hymn singing, "At the Cross," "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," and "Love Lifted Me."  We all learned child's catechism and shorter catechism.  I knew early that it all was important.

   My father-in-law was minister of Centre Presbyterian Church and being a part of that family and having Charles as my husband and in that church was a great blessing and a growing time.

   After Mr. Parker's [father-in-law] death, we moved to the Davidson College Presbyterian Church in 1960 with our teenagers and this was a good place to be.  Charles' death in '79 was a real test and Charlie Raynal  who had just arrived in Davidson helped me through it.  My faith in Jesus Christ survived and grew.


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