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Hobbies & Community Involvement

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Religious Activities

Blanche is an active member of the Davidson College Presbyterian Church (DCPC).  She is currently an Elder, part of the governing body.  On Monday mornings from 9:15am - 11:30am she is taking a Disciple II class at DCPC.  As part of this class, Blanche studies 1 hour a day for 6 days during the week.  Blanche enjoys learning and says the class "means a lot" to her.  On Wednesday nights, she also goes to DCPC for Wonderful Wednesdays.  At 5:45pm they have dinner, that is followed by a program.  Click here to read her statements of faith.

American Legion Auxiliary

Originally, the American Legion Auxiliary was considered her mama's organization and Blanche was not allowed to attend the meetings.  One day in 1998, when Blanche was visiting her mama at the Pines, the members of the American Legion were having a meeting with her mama.  After their meeting, her mama told Blanche it was time for her to join.  Blanche has been a member for the last 3 years and just resigned last month from the organization.  

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Blanche Parker first began quilting 15 years ago when her daughter brought home a quilt top.  Since then, Blanche has quilted approximately one dozen quilts.  She also enjoys restoring and repairing old quilt tops. 

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Blanche & Janice (daughter) working on a train quilt for Justin Blanche, Stella, and Glenda (daughters) working on a fan quilt for Sarah Blanche helping Clara (granddaughter) learn how to sew. 

Quilting links

  • World Wide Quilting Page: This site contains information on patterns and instructions, a bulletin board to post questions, and a quilting library. 

  • Quilting at This web offers free patterns, clipart, humor, how-to tips, and articles on quilting.

  • McCall's Quilting: This site allows you to view the current issue of McCalls Quilting magazine as well as links to free patterns and other quilting sites.

  • Quilting Arts Magazine: This site contains the current issue of Quilting Arts Magazine online.

  • National Quilting Association (NQA): The NQA site has information about membership, quilt shows, and their magazine, Quilting Quaterly.

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Since childhood, Blanche has always enjoyed reading. She frequently visited the Davidson's public library. They had a limit of 3 books per person, so Blanche would take her sister with her so that they could take out 6 books. Listen below to hear why her mama used to complain about her incessant reading:

Blanche joined the Aplian Book Club in 1948 and still attends their meetings regularly.  She is the oldest member. 

Blanche enjoys reading biographies and historical novels.  She often reads books based on friends' recommendations and pays no attention to the author.  Her favorite author growing up was Louisa May Alcott.  Currently, three of her favorite authors are Barbara Kingsolver, Reynolds Price, and Russell Baker. She recommends both Mary Beatty and Ralph Johnson's books on the history of Davidson.  

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Blanche first visited the mountains when she was about 17 years old.  After she married Charles, they would take trips to the mountains with their children.  Their most memorable trip was to Chimney Rock when Janice was still an infant.  They took Blanche's parents and two sisters with them as well.  While they were there, the rivers flooded and water came into the tent they were sleeping in.  In the middle of the night, they had to move to higher ground.  They ended up staying in a community center and sleeping on the stage.  

Blanche's favorite vacation was her first trip to the Bahamas.  She was approximately 75 years old for this trip.  She flew into the Bahamas on King Air with about 10 family members.  It was there that she first learned how to snorkel.  

Blanche has also traveled to Europe with her familyin 1972 and later again in the 1980's.  Up until her first trip to Europe, she had never thought about leaving the States.  While she was in Europe, she visited Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and England.  Her favorite places were Venice, Italy, and Rothenberg, Germany.  While in Italy, she stayed in a town near Venice and hired a sitter for her girls because she had heard it was best to visit Venice at night.  She described Venice as "spectacular" and that she was "dumbfounded" by St. Mark's Square.  She remembers that while listening to the musicians, Charles took her hand and they strolled through the Square.  

At one time in her life, Blanche described herself as having the travel bug.  Now, Blanche is currently content not traveling and is happy living at the Pines.  

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Blanche began traveling to New York City in the early 1980's to see a Broadway play.  Rupert Barber, head of the Theater department at Davidson College, would organize a trip every other year.  The first three years, Blanche did not make it to NYC because her friends kept canceling at the last minute.  Over the years, she has been to NYC about 10 times and has seen Cats, Driving Miss Daisy, The Phantom of the Opera, and Les Miserables.  Of those, Blanche says The Phantom of the Opera is her favorite and she especially enjoyed the music.   Her least favorite was Cats because she felt there was too much build-up about the show.

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