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The Community

    After just one meeting with Mr. Beatty, I realized that he has a passion for the community. One of his life philosophies which he reiterated often was his belief that we need to help our fellow man. It is not surprising that he exudes this philosophy in his own community, he has been a member of it since 1947. He has seen many changes within the community and he himself has been very influential in the implementation of these changes. Just as an overview these are a few of Mr. Beatty's accomplishments:

  •  Member of the Davidson African-American Coalition: While working with this community organization,    Mr. Beatty helped Davidson's west side get sidewalks in an effort to "make the town look good".  He was also instrumental in the creation of Roosevelt-Wilson Park .


  • Member of the Davidson Community Planning Board: Mr. Beatty has  always had a positive view of the community. He has spoken out about the state of the community so much that he was asked, by then Mayor Knox, to sit on the Planning Board. Mr. Beatty was delighted since he was a proponent of the growth that was engulfing Davidson.  He saw positives, where others saw negatives, in the large numbers of people coming into the area. Mr. Beatty believed that the growth was making the community more unified and tolerant since progressively thinking individuals were settling in the area.


  • Mr. Beatty owned and operated the Rainbow Lounge.  He felt that the lounge gave members of his community a nightclub of their own. He remarked that there were no other places for young African -Americans to go if they wanted to dance and relax. It was Mr. Beatty's Rainbow Lounge that offered such a place.  For more information about the Rainbow Lounge, please see: His Work Life.


  • Planning Board at Ada Jenkins  Center: Mr. Beatty was given the Emeritus Member award for his involvement with this community organization.   To see what the Ada Jenkins Center does and for information on how to become involved with the center, please visit their website by clicking on the following link: Ada Jenkins  Center.


  • Every few years, Mr. Beatty is summoned by Davidson College to play an integral role in the orientation of Davidson's newest class. One of the orientation's many programs allows new students to participate in various service opportunities within the Davidson Community. One such opportunity is to pick up litter and paper products and plant flowers throughout Davidson's west side. Some students have had the privilege of having Mr. Beatty show them around the part of town that Mr. Beatty believes is often absent from the attention of incoming students. Mr. Beatty remarked that he loves taking new students in his van throughout his neighborhood. He recalled that many of the new students had never been in primarily African-American neighborhoods before Mr. Beatty took them on their trip.

    Mr. Beatty has kept himself busy within his community. Click on the play button below for first hand insight into Mr. Beatty's  involvement  within the community:

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