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Mr. Beatty's Family

The Immediate Beatty Family Tree


    Mr. Beatty was born on October 6th 1947 to Mr. and Mrs. Grover Beatty. He has one sister, Annie. On January 10th 1970, Mr. Beatty married his long-time sweetheart, Johnsie Lowery. Together they raised their two children Anthony and Amy. Mr. Beatty has six grandchildren: Christopher, Nolan, and Kendra from Amy and Michael, Jordan, and Ashley from Anthony.

Click on the play button below to see a slide show of  Mr. Beatty's wedding:

The Marriage of Johnsie Lowery and David A. Beatty

Music courtesy of Rhino Records and photos courtesy of Mr. Beatty

    When asked about a particular family holiday, Mr. Beatty recalled a Christmas when, as a child, he received football pads and a helmet from his family. He took that gift and transformed himself into quite the football player during high school.

     Member's of Mr. Beatty's family have exerted a great influence on his life. Mr. Beatty regards his grandfather as being one of his more important influence. Like David, his grandfather was a barber in the Davidson/Cornelius area and even helped David go to barber college by giving him his first set of barber tools.

    Another important influence in Mr. Beatty's life was his father Grover. Mr. Beatty remarked that he and his father were very close. Grover Beatty passed away in 2000 and it was tough for David to lose him. Mr. Beatty's primary concern, however, was for his mother. Click on the play button below to watch Mr. Beatty talk about a life lesson: Who's going to take care of mother?

Here are some photos of Mr. Beatty and his family:

Mr. and Mrs. Grover Beatty

Photo courtesy of Mr. Beatty

Anthony Tindell (Annie's Husband), Annie, and Grover Beatty (clockwise from top)

Photo Courtesy of Mr. Beatty

Anthony and Mr. Beatty on Anthony's  wedding day

Photo Courtesy of Mr. Beatty

Mr. Beatty holding his grandson, Michael

Photo Courtesy of Mr. Beatty



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