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Mr. Beatty's Interests


    Mr. Beatty loves to fish. He used to fish in Lake Norman, soon after its creation. With his father, he would fish for the cod that used to grace the lake by the  bushel-full.

    He has spent some time fishing for sixteen pound catfish in Santi Cooper, South Carolina. Also off the coast of South Carolina, he has caught grouper, red snapper, black bass, and king mackerel. That's good fishing for someone who admittedly gets seasick. Mr. Beatty certainly has a love for the ocean and the beach.

Here is Mr. Beatty on the beach during a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Beatty.

Enjoying a nice night in Myrtle Beach, Mr. Beatty and his wife Johnsie pose for a picture.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Beatty.


Singing Gospel:

   Mr. Beatty has been singing since he was 13. He claims to have gotten the singing ability from the Beatty side of his family. His uncles Donald and Billy were both amazing singers and easily influenced his singing development. As a child, Mr. Beatty went to two local churches: Torrence Chapel and Hunters Chapel, submerging him in gospel music. His grandmother sang at the Torrence Chapel and he was constantly surrounded by good singers. Sam Cooke was one of his favorite artists growing up and influenced his progression as a singer himself. After establishing himself as a gospel singer, Mr. Beatty participated in a traveling workshop group that would tour local churches giving singing lessons and performances. Currently, he is a member of the Davidson Presbyterian Church (USA) choir. He notes that it is a very positive singing environment, it has kept him singing for seven years. Mr. Beatty has taken his love for singing from his early childhood to where he is today and he has two albums to show for it. He released his first album with his old singing group: the Beatty Spirituals. His second album, "I am a Pilgrim", with the Davidson Gospel Singers featured one of his own songs.

Mr. Beatty (far left) pictured here with his old group: the Beatty Spirituals.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Beatty.

Here is Mr. Beatty with the Newhampton Presbyterian Church Choir in Charlotte, NC. Photo Courtesy of Mr. Beatty.


Listen to Mr. Beatty sing his own song "I Need Somebody to Help Me" with
the Davidson Gospel Singers from the album, "I'm a Pilgrim":

Album Cover and Song courtesy of Bles-Sed Records




His  Community:

    Mr. Beatty also takes a large interest in the community. He has kept himself involved in many community organizations and events. Please see: The Community

Mr. Beatty's Wine:

    While working at Raeford's Barber Shop in Davidson, North Carolina, Mr. Beatty began crafting his own wines. It began out of friendly competition to see which of the barbers could make the best wine.  Since then, Mr. Beatty has been making grape and apple wine using.  He would probably like everyone to know that his wine was voted the best!

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