Cecelia Conner

"... I love people, and will do anything for anybody; I am a good person and a friend to man."


Through the Davidson College Reminiscence Project I have been able to get to know Mrs. Cecelia Conner and learn more about her life and the life of Davidson, NC, her home for the majority of her life. Her pragmatic yet positive philosophy inspired me, and her unassuming manner belied how truly extraordinary her life has been. The life advice she offered me in our first meeting-- "Pick your friends, finish school, have a good time, don't get too serious with boys too soon, and let church, family, and school be your priorities,"gave me insight into how to life a long life with love and grace, as she has. Please enjoy these pages, offering a summary of the life of this remarkable mother, teacher, singer, cook, and friend.

-Brenna Boyd
Davidson College Class of 2006

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The text, video, audio, and website are the result of interviews conducted by Brenna Boyd,
Davidson College Class of 2006, in the Fall of 2005.
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