The Life of Adeline Hill Ostwalt


Getting Older

Adeline truly enjoys her post-retirement life. Living in The Pines at Davidson, she enjoys the company of "an interesting group of people" and "loves to get together with them.” She bakes cakes for her friends at The Pines when they have birthdays.

She has had to give up more and more things as she has gotten older, but she is not disappointed or sad about it. She just accepts the change and enjoys her life as much as she used to when she was younger. She used to walk four miles a day, but as her health has become more fragile, she had to reduce it to one or two miles. She also liked working for the Democratic Party but is no longer able to do so.

“You can’t do quite as much as you’d like to do, but you can still be happy and content.  You just realize that you are older, and you just can’t do quite as much as you used to do.” - Adeline Ostwalt 


A Busy Lady

She says, "I just fill up all my time with all these different things and enjoy them.” She has enjoyed doing volunteer work at the church and working with the Historical Society in Davidson. Her morning is filled with daily devotion and prayers. During the afternoon, she visits her friends all over The Pines, including those in the health care center. Adeline also reads books and newspapers daily, takes care of her garden, still loves going for a walk.

After her husband, Dr. Ostwalt, passed away, Adeline was brave enough to travel to England and Alaska with a group of people she knew. She enjoyed visiting London where she went to several plays by Shakespeare.


Her Passion for Gardening

Although she had to give up some things as she got older, Adeline hasn't given up gardening. Mrs. Ostwalt loves gardening and has special passion for roses even if it takes a lot of work to grow them. She used to have 100 bushes of roses in her garden when she lived in a house on Concord Road. Currently, she grows Dainty Bess, Gold Medal, Double Delight, Mr. Lincoln, and Chrysler Imperial in her garden.

Mrs. Ostwalt with her roses Mrs. Ostwalt in her garden

Adeline, her roses, and her garden

Photos courtesy of Oh-jin Kwon

Adeline was taught to visit people in need by her parents, and she often visits people in the health care center. When goes to visit people in the health care center, she takes fresh flowers from her garden. Adeline also brings flowers to new residents of The Pines to welcome them to the community. Roses make such a great gift for everyone, and she loves sharing her roses.


Nasturtium, a.k.a. Nasty Turkey!

The colorful flowers in the middle picture below are called "nasturtium". When Adeline and her siblings were young, they could not pronounce the name correctly. They had fun calling the flowers "nasty turkey" which sounds like "nasturtium".

Roses from her garden Nasturtium Roses from her garden

You can find beautiful flowers from her garden in every corner of the living room.

Photos courtesy of Oh-jin Kwon

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