College Years

Cary and Allen in 1955 (Photo Courtesy of Cary Johnston)

Cary attended and graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1957 with a major in History, and a minor in both Political Science and English.  She was always very academically inclined, and claims “I really loved college.  I enjoyed getting to know my professors, and I also enjoyed my classes at Vanderbilt.  The one class I could never stand was Geology.  I still remember how badly I wanted that class to end!”

Some of Cary’s most fond memories of Vanderbilt include getting dressed up for the football games and having social events with her sorority, Gamma Beta Phi.

It was at Vanderbilt that Cary met the man who was to become her first husband, Allen Wolf.  In fact, Cary’s favorite memory of her time at Vanderbilt was meeting Allen (to hear the story of how Cary met Allen, click the audio link below).  They were married on June 9, 1956, between Cary’s junior and senior years.  Cary quickly became pregnant and had her first child, Kathy, on March 10, 1957.  This was a particularly stressful time for Cary because it was during finals week at Vanderbilt.  “I remember that I had to call my professor and tell her that I wasn’t going to make it to the final because I was having a baby!  I had to make up a couple of finals and then complete my last quarter with a babysitter, but I was determined to graduate.  My parents were concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I did.”

The text, video, audio, and website are the result of interviews conducted by Ally Miller,
Davidson College Class of 2012, in the fall of 2011.

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