Children and Grandchildren

The Family: Cary, Allen, Kathy (bottom left), Bert (bottom right), Genny (middle), and Cary Anne (center front) (Photo Courtesy of Cary Johnston)



Kathy (Born March 10, 1957):

Kathy graduated from Davidson College in 1978 with a major in History.  She is married to Patrick Roche (another Davidson College alum), with whom she has three children: William (born June 28, 1984), Anna Kate (born October 18, 1985), and Matthew (born November 1, 1987).  When asked what about Kathy she admired, Cary responded, “I admire her loving attitude toward people.  She is an incredibly loving and considerate person.  It’s a wonderful quality she possesses.”

Bert (Born May 20, 1959):

Bert is also a Davidson College graduate–he received his diploma in 1981 and majored in German.  He is married to Karen Welty and has three children: Monroe (born August 5, 1992), Elise (born Feburary 14, 1994), and Paul (born February 12, 1998).  When asked what about Bert she admires, Cary responded, “I admire his intelligence.  He has always been so smart.  I also admire his parenting abilities–he’s a wonderful father.”

Genny (Born March 7, 1961):

Genny graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) in 1982.  She is married to John Bosak, and they have two children together: Stephanie Anne (born March 11, 1985) and Colleen (born March 29, 1988).  When asked what about Genny she admires, Cary responded, “I really appreciate Genny’s artistic talent.  She is the most artistic child by far.  I also admire her work ethic.  She is constantly busy and doesn’t spend much time sitting around.”

Cary Anne (Born September 27, 1966):

Cary Anne graduated from Appalachian State in 1988.  She married Joe Melton and they have two kids together: Claire (born July 21, 2000) and Jenna (born February 6, 2003).  When asked what she admires about Cary Anne, Cary responded, “I admire Cary Anne’s business sense.  I think she is probably the most business savvy of my children.  I also admire her skills as a mother–she’s done a wonderful job balancing a full-time job with two little girls.”

Watch the video below to see Cary talk about what she learned upon becoming a parent.



 Cary has ten grandchildren of whom she is extremely proud (pictured below). Click the picture to enlarge it.

Cary’s 10 Grandchildren (Photo Courtesy of Cary Johnston)

*All photos on this page are courtesy of Cary Johnston



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