Parents and Sister

The Hunt Family on Christmas Morning (Photo Courtesy of Cary Johnston)


Cary’s mother’s name was Katherine Flinn Hunt, and she was born on September 30, 1910.  Katherine was born in Centerville, TN, a small town about 50 miles from Nashville, TN.  Katherine completed a year of college at the University of Tennessee, but was unable to continue when the Depression struck.  She held a brief job as a secretary, but did not work after giving birth to Cary.  Cary felt very connected to her mother and remembers how close her mother was to her own parents (Cary’s maternal grandparents).  She often reminisces on the trips her family took to Centerville to visit her grandparents.

Cary’s father was Edwin Francis Kelly Hunt, born July 9, 1902.  He was also from a small town outside of Nashville called Jackson, TN.  Unfortunately, Edwin’s parents died when he was young, so Cary never knew her paternal grandparents.  Edwin attended Vanderbilt University for undergraduate and Law School.  He is the only person in the history of Vanderbilt to win two Founder’s Medals, which is awarded for first honors in each graduating class. To learn more about the Founder’s Medal, click here. He won the award once in 1924 for his Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Science and once in 1927 for his Law Degree.  He was an attorney. Additionally, he was the United States Checkers Champion and “rabidly interested in politics.”

Cary remembers, “my parents had a traditional marriage, and were both very happy with it.  My parents loved each other very much.”  Cary feels very fortunate to have grown up in a secure home and believes that it was important for her too see from a young age that her parents loved one another.


Nancy, Cary’s sister, was born on March 7, 1939, when Cary was three years old.  “I can’t remember life without my sister.  As far as I’m concerned she’s always been there.”  Nancy studied psychology and graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1961.  She was a social worker before her retirement and currently lives in Tampa, FL, with two of her daughters.  She has seven grandchildren.

Cary and Nancy are different in many ways.  According to Cary, “our interests are very different and have been different as long as I can remember.”  Despite the fact that they have different personalities and interests and are separated by distance, they have always maintained a close relationship.  “We always reminisce about our parents and our childhood when we get together.”

Cary (left) and Nancy (right) as Teenagers (Photo Courtesy of Cary Johnston)

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