Just like her father, Cary has always taken a great interest in political affairs.  Cary believes that her interest in politics likely stemmed from her father’s interest in politics.  Cary reflects “for most of my life, our love of politics was something over which my father and I deeply bonded.”

Additionally, Cary loves to travel.  She’s been all around the world with her family and her four husbands. To learn more about Cary’s time abroad, visit the Travels page or click here.

Cary traveling in Austria in 1993 (Photo courtesy of Cary Johnston)

In her spare time, Cary enjoys playing bridge with friends and reading.  Some of her favorite books include Gone with the Wind and Pride and Prejudice, but as an avid reader Cary will read anything from political books to biographies to the Harry Potter series—all of which she greatly enjoys.  Cary attributes her love of reading to her appreciation for story-telling (click the audio link below to hear about Cary’s love for Gone with the Wind and love for stories in general).

Cary also enjoys listening to music despite the fact that she was never classically trained.  She prefers country and religious music because she appreciates how both genres often tell stories.  Rock, on the other hand, was never a preference of Cary’s (click the audio link below to hear Cary talk about her opinion on rock music).

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