Cary in 2007 (Photo courtesy of Cary Johnston)

While interviewing Cary, I was very eager to learn about how her perception of life had changed over the course of her life, and the lessons she learned over the course of her life.  Below are some of the questions I asked Cary; her answers are in bold or are an audio clip beneath the question.


What did the men you loved teach you?

“After I met Allen, I remember talking to my dad and saying, ‘I sure am glad that I met Allen, he’s the only person in the world I could be happy with.’  And even though my father liked Allen, he laughed and said, ‘I think there are a lot of people in the world you could be happy with.’  The fact that I’ve been married four times has taught me this.  Each of my husbands has been very different from the others, and I have been happy with all of them.”


When did you realize that you were happy with your life?

How has your personality changed since you were 20?

Do you have any advice for your children, grandchildren, or anyone else who reads your webpage?

What have your relationships taught you about yourself or shown you about life?

“Well, that’s a hard question.  I guess that I’ve learned I’m someone who wants to make people happy.  I just love to have a companion and be a companion.  I’ve felt the loss and heartbreak that often come with love, and there have been times I worried I’d never be happy again.  But my story ends happily.”


The text, video, audio, and website are the result of interviews conducted by Ally Miller,
Davidson College Class of 2012, in the fall of 2011.

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