Year Abroad in Germany
Although Cary traveled around the United States with her family, the first international traveling she did was with Allen in 1971.  Allen had a sabbatical year and was a guest professor in Karlsruhe, Germany, so they took the entire family to Germany for the year.  The family lived in the home of an elderly German woman.  Kathy and Bert attended German schools, and Bert especially grew to love the language—“he became the best German speaker in the family other than Allen.”  Although Cary was able to pick up some German herself, she claims “when I wanted to go shopping, I took him with me.”  Genny and Cary Anne attended school at the military base nearby, where Cary was a part-time substitute teacher.  While the family was in Germany, they traveled all over Europe.  They drove to Paris, went to Amsterdam, and took many weekend-trips to nearby towns in Germany.  Cary’s favorite family trip was their vacation to Italy over Christmas.

Traveling with Gene

After Gene and Cary were married for a couple of years, they started to travel extensively.  They took their first trip together in 1991 on a Russian Riverboat cruise and visited Moscow.  “Gene was apprehensive at first, but he loved it and we had a wonderful time together.”  The next year, they took another trip to England and France.  The third year, they took a cruise around Italy, and the fourth year they stayed in the Swiss Alps and took tours in the surrounding areas.  They even went to China together—“it was the best trip we ever took.  We went to someplace every year!  We had a good time traveling together.”

Traveling with Family

Cary has also done some traveling with her immediate family.  Cary went to Greece with her mother and sister in 1988 and took a trip through western Canada with her sister in 2000.

Nancy (left) and Cary (right) on their trip to Canada in 2000 (Photo Courtesy of Cary Johnston)

Traveling with Van

In Cary’s brief marriage to Van, they took a Scandinavian cruise as well as a cruise around the Greek isles.

Traveling with Ed

Cary is still traveling. Her current husband, Ed, travels a great deal with the cruise company Holland America, serving as a minister.  They cruised around the Mediterranean last year, and Cary is looking forward to traveling more with Ed in the future.



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