The Farm

Faye Carolyn Reid was born on March 13th, 1936, in her home in Iredell County in Mooresville, NC, to parents Jason (J.) Moore and Elizabeth Caldwell Reid.

Faye as a baby; photo courtesy of Faye Reid

Faye grew up on a farm in what was once a very rural area, near the intersection of what is now I-77 and Williamson Road, with her mother, father, grandmother, sister, aunt and uncle.  Though Faye’s father personally did not do too much of the farming, the land had cows, chickens and pigs.  The Reid family’s property also had a large garden that produced enough vegetation to feed a family of seven, as well as an ample amount to can and freeze for storage.  From what Faye remembers, the house was white with porches on two sides, it had a large wooden stove where the family’s famous biscuits were baked (although Faye was not partial to biscuits in general), and had large fields that separated them from their nearest neighbors. On the farm, some of Faye’s fondest memories were those of the various dogs her family had as pets. Animals have always held a special place in Faye’s heart.

Faye with a puppy from the same litter as Ginger; photo courtesy of Faye Reid

Listen to Faye tell a story about one of her favorite dogs, Ginger:

“I could have the worst day at work and no matter what was going wrong, Ginger was always happy to see me.”

Lake Norman

When Duke Power built Lake Norman in 1963, Faye’s life changed drastically.  Prior to the lake, there used to be just a small stream running by the farm.  That tiny stream became part of what is now a massive body of water.  In the process, the lake itself covered the majority of the Reid family’s farm, but not the house itself.  However, as the lake was built, and as the small gravel roads transformed into highways, the area slowly lost its rural, isolated essence.  Strangers with intentions to rob began to drop in from the interstate and eventually the family viewed moving as a necessity.  The Reids moved to Davidson in 1987 to the house where Faye currently lives today.  Faye’s church, Williamson’s Chapel, also was relocated with the arrival of Lake Norman because the water rose up to its steps.  Faye misses the rural feeling of the pre-Lake Norman area but also appreciates the new developments and has adapted well to the change.  Her father, however, would probably not have been pleased by the shopping center and Food Lion that now lie where their old family barn used to be.  J. Moore preferred the more rural, farming lifestyle that was lost with the birth of Lake Norman.


Main Street, Davidson 1952; photo courtesy of Davidson College Archives

Even while living on the farm, Faye’s family was familiar with the town of Davidson.  Faye’s family bought everything they couldn’t produce on the farm at the store in Davidson, probably going into town around once a week.  In addition to bringing business into Davidson, the family had its own business there as J. Moore owned an automobile repair garage on Main Street.  Young Faye attended ninth grade in Davidson, and she saw her first movie in the Davidson theater which used to be where CVS is now.  The movie was Song of the South and it came out in 1946.  From her early life experiences in Davidson to living here now, Faye has witnessed transformations in the Lake Norman area including a substantial increase in population and development.

Main Street, Davidson 2011; photo courtesy of Amy Sinclair


Faye has witnessed what was once a hair salon become the home of Davidson’s beloved Summit Coffee.  The grocery store her family shopped at to get various dried goods has become the restaurant Toast.  For as long as Faye can remember there has always been a bank and a diner where the Wachovia Bank and the Soda Shop, respectively, are today.  Where her father’s garage once was now lies a Ben and Jerry’s.  Though the face of Main Street has changed throughout the years, it still has the same feel that it had when Faye was a child.



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