Education and Employment

Elementary and Middle School

Faye attended Mount Mourne Elementary School in Mooresville, NC from first grade through eighth grade.  The school at the time was very old with relatively rundown facilities.  It did not have a teacher’s lounge and the restrooms were in a separate building from the school.  Faye said, “When it rained, the roof leaked and we caught the water in buckets.”  Though the physical state of the school was not optimal, the experience as a whole was a positive one because Faye loved school and always has had a passion for learning.  Faye remembers one story in particular that took place repeatedly during her fourth grade year.   Because Faye was taller than most of her peers in elementary school, it was not easy or common for her to share clothes with them. However, there was one girl that was an exception.  Listen to Faye tell the story of one of her closest friends, Peggy, in her own words:

Peggy in the fourth grade; photo courtesy of Faye Reid

High School

M&M Soda Shop, Davidson; photo courtesy of Davidson College Archives

After the 8th grade, Faye started her freshman year at a high school in Davidson, NC.  She enjoyed going to school just down the street from her father’s automobile repair garage.  Occasionally she and her friends would hang out and grab milkshakes at the M&M Soda Shop (now called the Soda Shop) on Main Street after school before the bus came to take them home. Sometimes instead of taking the bus, Faye would spend time in Davidson after school and wait for her father to take her home.  Her time at school in Davidson was short-lived, however, as just after her first year, the school district lines changed, forcing her to transfer to Mooresville High School where she spent the remainder of her high school career.





The Soda Shop, Davidson 2011; photo courtesy of Amy Sinclair

In high school, Faye enjoyed her English classes most as she has always had a love of reading.  Her least favorite subject during her school years was history.  During her three years at Mooresville High, Faye worked as a member of the yearbook staff.  Her responsibility included collecting money from her peers for their annuals.  One of her proudest moments in high school was winning the award for the best typist in her class and her best friend won the award for best shorthand.  Faye excelled so much at typing that she chose to pursue the secretarial path later in her life as an employee for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Charlotte.



Faye (back row, second from left) with some high school friends; photo courtesy of Faye Reid

King’s College

After graduating from Mooresville High School, Faye attended King’s College in Charlotte, NC, for a year to study business.  During her year at college, she continued to live at home and commute into the city for school.  Toward the end of Faye’s time at King’s College, the program arranged interviews for post-college jobs, which provided a smooth transition into the working world.

Portrait of Faye; photo courtesy of Faye Reid


Faye’s experience at King’s College prepared her for what would be her job for the next 39.5 years. After college, she entered the business world as a clerical employee for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Charlotte.  When asked about how her experience working with the FBI compared to what is now portrayed on television Faye replied, “There is not always an open parking space at the very front of the building you are trying to get to like there is on the shows.”  With a strong community of coworkers, Faye appreciated her years of employment.  Faye enjoyed her very stable work environment and was happy to be employed by the FBI for almost four decades.  Though her time in secretarial work was enjoyable and provided her with a great career, Faye welcomed her retirement with open arms.  Retirement to Faye signified an end to a memorable stage of life, but at the same time, a beginning to a needed leisurely freedom.  Faye’s unemployed self freed her calendar enabling her to engage in the activities she loves most: crafting, gardening and spending time outdoors.

Faye working as an FBI secretary; photo courtesy of Faye Reid


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