Faye has expressed that her faith is a cornerstone of her identity.  She and her family have attended the same church, Williamson’s Chapel United Methodist Church, all her life so it clearly has had a significant impact on her.  Faye says, “It just doesn’t quite feel like a Sunday when I don’t go to church.”  As a member of her church, Faye used to be involved as a Sunday school teacher for fifth and sixth graders.  Though she felt as though she personally got more out of her lessons than her students did, Faye loved sharing Biblical stories and her faith with the children.  Some of her favorite moments were when her students completely understood a concept and “the lightbulb went on.”  When Lake Norman was built, Faye’s father played an important role in moving the church’s location to where it is now on Brawley School Road in Mooresville, NC.  Her mother attended church and was involved as well, but to a lesser degree as she kept very busy taking care of the farm and the household.

Faye (front middle in white) with some Sunday school friends; photo courtesy of Faye Reid

Before the church moved locations to where it is now, it had a very different atmosphere.  Faye described the community as a very rural group of farmers and textile workers.  Each Sunday, the service consisted of about fifty people.  In Faye’s words, “everyone knew everyone from they day they were born until the present.” The intimacy of the small church was, unfortunately, something that was lost after the relocation.  When Lake Norman was built, about three-quarters of the community’s properties were covered by water.  With the drastic change, families moved and slowly stopped attending Williamson’s Chapel.  Faye’s father was one of the leaders in the decision to move locations.  The new church they built was initially too small for the amount of people that began to attend, so they built an even larger church at the new location.

With the new church came many changes.  The church body has grown exponentially over the past several decades from fifty to about one thousand people.  Each Sunday has one contemporary and two traditional services that all cater to the large community.  In addition to Sunday services, the church offers various classes for all age groups and interests.  Faye is especially excited about Williamson’s Chapel’s mission work. There are teams that go all over the world and volunteer their time to help build homes and schools for others in need.  Faye is inspired by the way people’s lives are changed on these trips.  Her passion for helping others is contagious.

Listen to Faye read one of her favorite passages from the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (NCV):


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