Faye was very excited and ready to retire so that she could finally have time to spend doing the things she loved, like gardening.  She says, “So many people ask me how I find things to do to keep me busy.  I tell them I don’t know how I had time to work.”  Her passions for crafts, nature and art light up her face.


Faye has always loved spending time outdoors and absorbing the beauty of nature.  Ever since she was a child, Faye has enjoyed breathing the fresh air and exploring what nature has to offer. After retirement, Faye welcomed the extra time she had to spend working in her garden.  She says, “I spent the whole first month after I retired digging in the dirt.” Faye retired in September and the following October was a beautiful month during which time she was able to sit outside, enjoy the sunshine and plant flowers.

A compilation of portraits of Faye outdoors as a teenager; photos courtesy of Faye Reid.


Inspired by her grandmother, Mullie, Faye has always enjoyed baking. Some of Faye’s favorite treats her grandmother used to make were called “Stickies.”  They were sweet and chewy and Mullie made them perfectly.  Faye also enjoys baking various cakes, cookies and breads.  She has a delicious cranberry nut bread that she makes for friends during the Christmas season.


If the television is on in Faye’s house, it is almost always on a sports channel preferably playing a college basketball game.  Faye’s favorite team has always been University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  She also enjoyed watching the Davidson College games when their men’s team went to the Elite Eight.  She used to have season tickets to the basketball games and loved supporting her local team.  Faye’s favorite movie of all time is The Sound of Music with South Pacific as a close second.  She very much enjoys musicals.


Faye has sewed since she was a young girl.  Her mother used to sew everything in the household, which provided Faye with a wonderful example to emulate.  Faye used to love sewing clothing for her dolls and also has crocheted many items for friends.  She has an artistic eye and takes every opportunity she can to create a piece of art.

Davidson Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday morning, Faye ventures out to the Davidson Farmer’s Market just down the road from where she currently lives in Davidson, NC.  Though Faye no longer lives on a property that grows its own fresh produce, the farmer’s market provides a fantastic opportunity to buy local meat, fruit, and vegetables.


Nicholas Sparks is one of Faye’s favorite authors.  She enjoys reading light-hearted novels and loves to keep up with Sparks’ latest.

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