Concerns and Passions

This page is dedicated to Eleanor’s concerns and passions.

Eleanor’s first concern regards mental health:

“I believe that parents, teachers, and the public in general need to be better informed about the wide variety of afflictions which fall under the heading of mental health. There is so much misunderstanding, and well-meaning people can do more harm than good, if they are ill informed. There is a need for extensive research in order to better diagnose, treat, and prevent mental illness. There is also a severe shortage of facilities and trained personnel to provide care for those suffering from mental illness. Mental health affects every single one of us, directly or indirectly. Mass killings, drug addiction, suicides, depression, anxiety, and so many other maladies afflict many people, and yet, our health system is not equipped to meet the needs of the multitudes who are suffering. It’s expensive, and the field is still in its infancy in knowing how the brain really works. I am hopeful that in the near future, we as a people will begin to care as much about mental health as we do about cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. I believe the need is urgent and pervasive, and I pray that we begin to take some serious steps to find solutions.” – Eleanor Adams

Eleanor is also concerned about the environment and its affect on people’s health:

“The environment in which we live has a direct impact upon our physical, mental, and emotional health. Therefore, I believe it is imperative that we make wise decisions when it comes to how we “attack” or “protect” the natural world, including our air, land and water. Because the impact of pollution isn’t always immediately apparent, it often goes unrecognized. Since 1947 there has been a huge increase in chemicals in our environment which can change our DNA and impact future generations. There is legitimate scientific research being done, but for various reasons, some people are either unaware of or choose to deny the findings. I also believe it is vital to preserve what is left of our wilderness areas such as our state and national parks. They are sanctuaries for many species of plants and animals that might otherwise become extinct and are wonderful places where we can commune with nature. I believe humans have the responsibility to preserve nature for all living things, and to the degree that we fail to do so, we also jeopardize our own well-being.” – Eleanor Adams

Education is a passion for Eleanor:

“To me, education is the first step in developing strategies for both mental health and the environment, among other things. We need researchers to uncover the areas in which we are ignorant, and we need to be taught how to live healthier lives as a result of these discoveries. First of all, we need to be taught to care. I’m also concerned about the availability of quality education, which meets the needs of ALL students. As Dr. Paul F. Brandwein said, ‘Nothing is so unequal as the equal treatment of unequals.'” – Eleanor Adams

Lastly, Eleanor is concerned about prejudices and stereotypes:

“Prejudices and stereotypes tend to divide folks. Understanding and being able to accept differences tend to unite. This requires a willingness to listen with our hearts and our heads. I’m not advocating dismissing one’s beliefs or insights. I simply think that it behooves us to try to extend to others the love, understanding and acceptance that we would like to have others extend to us. I’ve also learned from experience that the realm of human relationships can be so much richer as we broaden our horizons and develop friendships with those who are different from us.” – Eleanor Adams