Prayers and Life Lessons

Romans 12:12 “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.”

This page is dedicated to the different prayers and life lessons that Eleanor has encountered over the years.

When Eleanor was nine years old, she was sent to Girl Scout camp. This was her first time away from home and her family. She was very homesick the first night but she told herself that if she lived until morning, she would be okay. Well, Eleanor prayed all night long and she lived until morning. Through this experience, she learned to trust in prayer and God. 

A life lesson that came at a young age for Eleanor was that you cannot speak for God. When Eleanor was ten years old, she was back at the Girl Scout camp. She found a girl crying saying that her mother was going to die. Eleanor told the girl that God would take care of her mother while she was away at camp. Sadly, the girl’s mother died. From this experience, Eleanor learned that she cannot speak for God. 

When Eleanor was 28 years old, she was extremely sick with multiple afflictions. Her sister-in-law asked her if she had prayed. Eleanor had not prayed about her illnesses. She prayed after that conversation and within a few days, things started improving. She was able to get into a new doctor that helped her start to get better. 

One life lesson from Eleanor’s father, Ira, is that things always work out for the best. When Eleanor and Jim were looking for their first house, they were looking for one that would be close enough for Jim to walk to work so that Eleanor could have the car. They were in line to sign for a house that was not ideal for them but they were going to buy it anyway. As they were waiting to sign for it, someone else bought it. Eleanor and her father went back to the realtor’s office and found a house that had just come onto the market. This house was only a mile from the university and it was a much better fit for them. Ira was right, things always work out for the best.

Eleanor and Jim’s first home in 1970.

Eleanor is very sensitive to different scents and chemicals. One day, Eleanor and Jim’s home flooded. They needed to have it renovated and this would take about two months. Eleanor would not be able to live in the home because of the chemicals used during renovations. She also would not be able to stay at a motel because of the chemicals used to clean the rooms. Eleanor went to her Bible study and asked the group to pray for her to find accommodations; that day, Eleanor and Jim found a place to stay for the duration of the renovations. 

Accommodation for Eleanor and Jim during renovation in 2015.

Something that Eleanor has learned over the years is to keep looking for the blessing. One story in particular is of when Scott, her second child, became too injured to play high school soccer. He was very bummed out that he would not be able to play anymore. Eleanor was sitting in the kitchen talking to him about it when the phone rang. It was the head of Kimberly’s soccer league saying there was nobody to coach her team. Well, Scott took the position and this ended up leading to many blessings for him in college. He was able to coach in a boys’ league and this led him to receive a paid coaching job at a private school. Scott was disappointed with not being able to play in high school due to his injury but blessings came along. 

Coach Scott with Kimberly’s soccer team in 1985.

Eleanor lives by the motto “focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t.” This has been really helpful for her over the years as she has struggled with different health complications. She is able to keep a sense of positivity and gratefulness. 

All photos courtesy of Eleanor Adams.