For college Mr. Carr went to Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, North Carolina. He said that at the time it was an all-boys college and even though he enjoyed it, the majority of his friends went to historically black colleges. Initially, he studied business administration but in the middle of his freshman year he was accepted into the paralegal program to further his interest in law. Right after college Mr. Carr worked as an occupational health and safety director. He then switched his focus to environmental safety where he said his paralegal training helped interpret OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and labor regulations he dealt with.

Community Involvement

Shortly after Mr. Carr got married in the 1970’s he started becoming more involved in the community; this is one of the reasons why he has stayed in Davidson for so long. He became a community activist and served on the Board of Commissioners as per the Town of Davidson for about twenty years, from 1985-2005. Mr. Carr liked the challenge that serving the public in this kind of capacity entailed. He wanted a way to give back and with this position he was able to direct the future of the town. During his time in office he advocated for a lot of parks and recreational activities; he also tried to preserve as much open space as possible.


Mr. Carr describing his proudest moments while working for the board of commissions for the Town of Davidson. He also describes the ways the town has changed.

In this video Mr. Carr describes where his home used to be, lake Roosevelt Wilson Park. For more information about his home you can visit his mothers site.


Fresh out of college Mr. Carr worked for Rees Brothers, a shipping and receiving company. Shortly after his time there a friend of his called and told him about ASMO, which is a Japanese company in Statesville, North Carolina. At ASMO he was a safety director; Mr. Carr said this was his favorite job because he was able to use his business and management paralegal skills he learned in college. He liked that his job description dealt with OSHA regulations and he was able to write and implement a new safety program for the company. After ASMO, Mr. Carr started working for Max Daetwyler, a Swiss German company.