“Sunrise Fishing” by Machelle Browning is licensed under a cc BY-NC-ND 2.0 via Flickr 

Some of Mr. Carr’s hobbies are fishing, music and reading. In his free time he would often go to Myrtle Beach with family and friends. However his responsibilities for his job and serving on the board for the Town of Davidson limited his time for fishing. He loves to find new books to read, while at the bookstore his genre of choice is either a fiction or action novel.

 When it comes to music Mr. Carr appreciates all types of music but his favorite is contemporary jazz. He is not fond of todays music, “If you can even call it music” he jokingly says. When I asked him about rap music, he said he does not like modern rap but he did like past rap from musicians such as LL Cool J, Doug E. Fresh, and The Fresh Prince.

Mr. Carr also enjoys going to sporting events when he has the chance.

Mr. Carr’s brother-in-law, his two brothers and himself (from left to right) at the Hall of Fame football game.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Garfield Carr.

Mr. Carr has traveled to places such as the Bahamas and Jamaica because of his attraction to their rich history and fun activities. In the future he hopes to visit the Dominican Republic and Australia, mainly because he is interested in their culture  and experiencing their lifestyle.

Whats on the menu?

While asking Mr. Carr about his favorite foods he made it very clear that he, is in fact, a picky eater! He proclaimed that he likes Chinese food but does not like Mexican food. He also does not like his food too spicy. Mr. Carr had many stories of times when he was given strange food. For example, at a work Thanksgiving party they offered deer roast, burgers, and the like, but he did not try any of the deer options. However, his proudest moment of being adventurous was when he tried alligator, but when I mentioned squid he quickly said “No, I must not!”.

Mr. Carr’s favorite meal is anything that involves fish, chicken and vegetables. Before his wife passed away, she would do most of the cooking and baking. They would often like to cook, on the grill together and when I asked who taught him how to cook he said his mother.