Life Lessons




Mr. Garfield Carr

Photo courtesy of Taylor Burey.

Mr. Carr describes himself as “a happy-go-lucky guy” who enjoys “helping people help themselves.”  He says, “If I ever won the lottery, I would make a lot of people a fund to help them. . . I like seeing people happy and doing what’s right.”  This kind and generous man has words of wisdom to share.


Life Lessons

Below are a couple of sayings that Mr. Carr has passed down to his children from his own childhood and life experiences.

“Don’t cause any problems, be a problem solver, be a part of the solution.”

“Nothing is going to be easy, but you can’t give up”

“First impression is the last impression.”

Mr. Carr reflected back on his experiences with segregation. He stressed the fact that black people were “judged a lot by people without them getting to know you are, but we had to fight through that.”


Mr. Carr and his daughter after Christmas. December 27th, 1986.


Photo courtesy of Mr. Garfield Carr.