Elementary, Middle, & High School


Roberto went to Catholic school for all of elementary school until  middle school.  The nuns and he did not get along or see eye to eye.  He was a free spirit and did not do what they wanted him to do, so he spent a lot of time on his knees praying at the altar outside as punishment.  After 6th grade, he went to public school because the Catholic school only went to 6th grade.

Roberto went to Catholic school for elementary school.  The photo of the children is used to indicate that this problem persisted over many years and started when Roberto was very young.  Roberto never wanted to cause trouble for his mother, so this was an unusual problem.  This photo illustrates this point.  He tried to be on his best behavior even before elementary school.  In the photo, Roberto is in his mother’s lap and Rafael is perched on the chair: Click on the link below to hear more about this experience.  

“On the patio praying”

Roberto graduated from high school in 1956.  High school had bigger classes than elementary and middle school and Roberto had more freedom to associate with other people and more free time.  There were a lot more activities at high school than elementary and middle school.  For example, Roberto and his friends played a lot of table games such as ping pong and volleyball.  He also watched the girls play volleyball. This is one of the reasons of why Roberto had reputation for having a few too many girlfriends and being a loverboy. His favorite classes in high school were world history, American history, and Puerto Rican history.  Roberto enjoys history.  He also believes in living in the moment.  

“We are making history every day.” – Roberto Molinary

Roberto believes in adventure and exploration.  He joined the Civil Air Patrol as part of his after school activities until he joined the Air Force. He also went through Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs.  This is why he says: “I have been in uniform all of my life.” – Roberto Molinary

Roberto was very close to his “twin” brother.  They both loved photography and teaching people about it.  Their love of photography started at a young age before they both were in elementary school.  The photo illustrates this point.  In the photo accompanying the video, Roberto is on the right and Rafael is on the left: Click on the link below to hear more about this journey.

Photo Courtesy of Roberto Molinary

Roberto with his bike during his high school years of 1953-1954.