Roberto has always loved taking photos.  He started teaching and learning photography as a  child, and eventually seriously taught friends starting in middle school.  This is a way Roberto helps people because he enjoys teaching photography to anyone.  Roberto has had many fancy cameras in the past, but now he just uses his phone.  Roberto’s philosophy is take a picture of everything that is interesting and that you would want to remember because you can always delete it later.  Roberto has many photos from his childhood, military career, and family.  

Adult coloring book

Photo courtesy of Savannah Shivers; Roberto with his adult coloring book

Roberto really enjoys his adult coloring book.  He says the experience has taught him things that he did not know that he could do.  He spends days on one picture and there is no instruction whatsoever.  Roberto does not look at the next page until he has completed the current page.  Pictures in this book include the Cinderella castle in Germany, the  London bridge, and the Empire State building.  He finds it very relaxing.  


Photo courtesy of Savannah Shivers; Roberto doing fancy calligraphy at his house

Photo courtesy of Roberto Molinary; Roberto doing fancy calligraphy

Roberto enjoys doing calligraphy.  He did not have any training, he just has natural born skills.  He takes his time with each letter and is as fancy with each letter as he wants to be.  Roberto says there is nothing necessary to do calligraphy.  He practices by writing the alphabet.  He has different size pens as well.  


Photo courtesy of Roberto Molinary; Roberto’s outline drawing for his watercolor painting

Photo courtesy of Roberto Molinary; Roberto’s watercolor painting partially completed

Photo courtesy of Roberto Molinary; Roberto’s watercolor painting completed

Roberto has recently enrolled in a watercolor painting class.  He has completed many paintings, including the flower painting pictured above.  Roberto draws the design in pencil first and then uses watercolors over a period of time to complete the piece.  Watercoloring is one of his hidden talents.  He did not know he had a talent for it until he tried it later in life.  This class was a way for him to discover his hidden artistic side.  

Roberto is an avid and dedicated stamp collector.  He collects stamps from all over the world and all time periods.  He has 5 albums.  His stamps range from eclipse stamps to Civil War stamps:  Look at the video below to see part of his collection.



All 4 photos courtesy of Savannah Shivers

First photo: the cover from one of Roberto’s stamp collection albums.  Second, Third, and Fourth photos: stamps from Roberto’s extensive stamp collection.  

Roberto has always loved cars and driving, especially Volkswagens.  He also owned a red 1951 Ford convertible that had a stick shift:  Look at the video below to see how he learned how to drive a stick shift car and a picture of one of his cars.