Welcome to the Life Stories page of Antoinette, affectionately known by those who love her as Toni, Sirois. 

When navigating through the different pages, you will find the memoirs Toni has written down throughout her years, all verbatim in her own words and unique writing style. These pages are noted at the top as being in her own words. Pictures have been included to bolster the already beautiful words in her stories with visual effect, and all pictures submitted by Toni herself are cited as such. 

One of the most endearing facts about Toni is her love for rocks, hence the background of this website. Additionally, you’ll find pictures of her favorite rocks and the stories behind them as you navigate between the pages. You will also find her stories from her earliest childhood memories to her most recent memories. 

The audio and video attachments that correspond to each memoir are at the top of each page. The audio and video attachments should be listened to after reading her memoirs, or the corresponding story. In them, you’ll be given more detail to how she felt during the memory itself and how she looks back on the event today.

Thank you, and again, welcome!